Our Message

Our company YAMATO NOHJI provides various services through “Creative Design and Manufacturing". Major pillars for the products, planning, and service business special to YAMATO NOJI are design/production of agricultural equipments and the division of design/fabrication of stainless-steel instruments.

We have a special feeling for and are proud of the word of NOHJI in the name of YAMATO NOHJI. The story goes back to the time of our company's birth. Our company was established in the 40th year of Showa. Its first business purpose was “to investigate the effect of magnetic field on agricultural products and to industrialize the result obtained.” The research was carried out under the cooperation with a national university aiming at accelerating the growth of plants, hastening fruiting time, and obtaining other positive effects by using magnetic field. The research was successful, and as a result the product was commercialized with a brand name of “Cremanume . Since then with the cooperate philosophy of “Support techniques related to agriculture” or “Try aggressively to do best for developing necessary technologies", we have developed and commercialized knapsack fertilizer sprayer “Green Sunper series, pesticide sprayers “Sunper Start” /”Green shuttle” and so on. Our company's policies are “To produce good things", To search needs” and “To provide better design and service". These policies have been embodied also in the division of design/fabrication of stainless-steel instrument, and excellent results have been attained.

YAMATO NOHJI will continue to contribute to primary and secondary industries as a “Design/Technique/Proposal”-type company. We will do everything to progress and attain the goal. We highly appreciate your precious suggestion, demand, and support and help as ever.